‘Realty projects aim at attracting investors, tourists’

Current projects in the real estate sector are aimed at attracting tourists and potential investors in Qatar said an official.

With the booming tourism industry, Qatar has witnessed a surging number of investors and realty developers flocking to the country.

Speaking to The Peninsula in an interview, Mahdi Hachana, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ibn Ajayan Projects Real Estate said: “Qatar is a country with a strong and solid economy, Currently, Qatar has initiated an extensive plan to stimulate tourism. As a result, there are numerous projects aimed at attracting tourists and investors.

He outlined that the industry in particular will positively be impacted and strengthen the economy of the country. “The real estate sector is benefiting from this, and there’s an increase in real estate activity as well as real estate development in general. Additionally, the services sector is a significant contributor to the economy of Qatar. We have expanded our services to areas such as security, maintenance, cleaning, and Events which further cemented our successful contribution to the World Cup.”

Apart from tourists, even expats and investors within the country will also have the option to explore opportunities in different localities. “Qatar has issued numerous laws and regulations that make it easier for non-Qataris to own properties in important areas such as the West Bay, the Pearl area, Al Khor resort, and administrative areas like Al Dafna and Unaizah. Several other laws have also been introduced to attract investment and real estate development in the country, which will undoubtedly play a significant role in building a modern and prosperous Qatar,” Hachana said.

FIFA 2022 in Qatar led to major developments in the country including infrastructural enhancements and facilities creating numerous opportunities in the industry.

The official elucidated that “As you may know, Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup has put the country in the spotlight, showcasing its exceptional lifestyle, infrastructure, and security. These factors are not often found in other countries, which makes Qatar one of the most comfortable and safe places to live.

Looking to the future, we expect Qatar to continue to enhance its real estate sector, particularly in tourism, offering world-class facilities and services that will attract visitors from all over the world.”

Highlighting the importance of the firm and its contribution towards economic reinforcement, Hachana mentioned that “Our company is experiencing stability and gradual growth. This encouraging news has helped us to further expand our services in real estate development and services.”

He continued by saying that “Our company has exceeded 2,000 customers, and we consider each of them an important partner in our success. We value our partnerships greatly and are committed to providing exceptional services and products to all our customers. By maintaining our strong relationships with each partner, we will continue to work hard to ensure that they exceed their expectations.”

Experts in the country indicate a vital surge of real estate projects as they are optimistic that 2023 will be the year of bloom with regard to residential and commercial sectors. Hachana stressed that “Our company is presently engaged in several projects centered around high-end residential complexes and commercial projects within Qatar.”

“The recent developments within the real estate market in the country have opened numerous windows of opportunity for us to execute unique and distinguishing projects. We firmly believe that these projects are the future of investment, and we’re committed to providing the best possible results for our clients,” he added.

Source from: The Peninsula