QCSD issues March Report

Qatar Central Securities Depository (QCSD) presented its main procedures during the month of March, which included custody, recording, management, acquisition, clearing and settlement of securities and derivatives and other financial instruments; the provision of related financial services; the transfer of ownership of executed contracts through trading and remittances; in addition to the implementation of all mortgage and decommissioning and foreclosure operations at the request of the relevant parties. QCSD also updated a number of shareholders’ statements and added new shareholders.

QCSD also registered treasury bills issued by Qatar Central Bank (CB) for March in its systems. Treasury bills (T-Bills) were registered with a date of issue on March 5.

The T-Bills included three-month treasury bills with the value of QR300m. The total number of T-Bills issued was 30,000 and a maturity date of 04/06/2019. It also included six-month treasury bills issued with the value of QR200 million. The total number of T-Bills issued was 20,000 and a maturity date of 03/09/2019.

The QCSD also registered nine-month treasury bills issued by QCB with the value of QR100m. The total number of T-Bills issued was 10 ,000 and a maturity date of 03/12/2019. QCSD successfully held the Quarterly BCP Testing event in March. As a result, the transfer of work systems from the main site to the disaster recovery site went smoothly and the main site went back to technically functioning with no trouble.

There were 119,836 ownership transfer of the third market, the QCSD conducted 524 family transfers. The company also conducted 268 inheritance transfers and no exception transfers were made in March. The number of shareholders recognized in the company’s system during March reached 399,107 shareholders, while the number of shareholders with a bank account was 52,587.

Also in March, 35 mortgage releases were registered and registered 107 account opening operations for new shareholders in March, issued 13,783 account statements and 586 to whom it may concern certificates.

The number of shareholders recognized by the system according to nationality (Qatari and non-Qatari) and type of shareholder (individuals and institutions) reached 239,488 Qatari shareholding individuals in March and the number of shareholders from Qatari institutions was 1,384 in March.

The number of non-Qatari shareholders in March of this year was 157,225, shareholders from non-Qatari institutions reached 1,010.

Source from: The Peninsula