Qatar’s global role helps promote it as leading investment destination

Qatar’s international presence plays a significant role in promoting the country as a destination for business, investment and the source of Qatari-manufactured products abroad, said Qatar Chamber’s Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani (pictured).

In an interview with Oxford Business Group which is published in “The Report Qatar 2019, the Chairman of the country’s oldest and largest industry representative body said that promoting the local products require organising trade missions, participating in trade exhibitions and cementing cooperation with other countries.

He added: “Cooperation is facilitated by receiving visiting trade delegations that explore the market and establish local economic ties. The Chamber arranges tours to review methods that expand trade cooperation and create partnerships with business sectors in other countries. In 2018 more than 100 foreign business delegations visited Qatar Chamber to explore new ways to cooperate. Qatar also participates in exhibitions and trade fairs that showcase Qatari manufacturers and identify new global opportunities.”

Responding to a question about how international investment can help promote growth in capital-intensive sectors, he said: “International investments in any country can improve capital-intensive sectors and boost the economy. Sectors that require large amounts of capital to start and operate, such as construction and real estate development, are then able to access a global network of investors to enhance their financial standing and long-term sustainability.

Inward investments help foreign capital inflow and push broader economic development. Qatar’s outward foreign direct investment plays a major role in economic development and diversification through significant investments abroad. For example, Qatar Investment Authority has made international investments in real and financial assets including stocks, bonds and real estate, as well as alternative investments in private equity. Inward and outward investments allow Qatar to both reduce its dependence on oil and gas and support the economy’s standing internationally.”

Source from: The Peninsula