Qatar defeated blockade, turned it into benefits’

Qatar has managed to defeat the siege imposed on the country for two years and has changed its repercussions into benefits, Qatar Chamber’s First Vice-Chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Towar Al Kuwari has said, noting that the country has made significant progress in various sectors especially in industry and agriculture.

Speaking to a visiting delegation of journalists and bloggers from the Balkan states yesterday at the chamber’s venue, Al Kuwari elaborated on the steps taken by the country to overcome the blockade repercussions, how it transformed it into benefits, role of the private sector in the economic growth and investment climate in the country as well as its National Vision 2030.

He said that Qatar has strengthened its relations with world countries and attracted a lot of foreign investments due to its legislative reforms and the investment incentives it offered.

Further, Al Kuwari praised the role played by Hamad Port during the siege, affirming that opening new marine lines with many countries contributed to the provision of all goods needed by the local market.

He also paid tribute to the private sector by finding new alternatives for goods that were imported from siege countries, noting that local companies doubled production to meet the market needs and a lot of factories and farms were established with a view to achieving Qatar’s self-sufficiency. He noted that Qatari companies managed to achieve the self-sufficiency in many products and have even exported surplus products abroad.

Replying to a question on Qatar as an attractive investment destination, Al Kuwari said that Qatar has huge potentials that made it a leading destination for foreign investments including natural resources, affirming that legislative reforms issued by the county created a sound climate and generated more opportunities for the private sector.

He also pointed out that the country’s strategies for economic diversity are on the right track. Qatari businessmen are interested to identify investment opportunities available in Balkan countries, he added.

Head of the delegation and head of Qatari-Bulgarian Business Council, Peter Michalos also said that the objective of the visit is to identify the progress achieved by Qatar in all fields and efforts exerted to overcome the siege. The country also aims to open new channels of cooperation that increase trade and economic cooperation between both sides, Michalos also said.


Source from: The Peninsula