Qatar Chamber urges private sector to respond to humanitarian initiatives

Qatar Chamber hosted yesterday a seminar titled ‘Qatar Business Event on Engaging with the UN Humanitarian Response’’ which was held in cooperation with the UN Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy Office and Qatar Financial Centre.

The event targeted at business leaders and aimed to build on existing good practices and matching private sector experiences with the UN’s expertise in delivering humanitarian assistance. It reviewed  on-going partnerships showcasing methods of private sector engagement on humanitarian action in addition to prospect partners willing to engage in becoming a part of the global humanitarian response.

QC Board Member Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani (pictured) the Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy Dr Ahmed Al-Meraikhi and CEO of Qatar Financial Centre Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida attended the event.

Addressing the meeting, Al Ahmadani  said that Qatar National Vision 2030 keeps abreast with the UN vision in the humanitarian field, noting that this has been manifested through its commitment to its responsibilities and the efforts made to strengthen its regional and international partnerships as well as its adoption to many developmental and humanitarian initiatives and assistance it has always provided to countries facing economic and humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

She also said that Qatar’s leading humanitarian role across the world has proved that human values are an important pillar in international relations and rapprochement between peoples.

She stressed that Qatar has made the humanitarian work a lifestyle, noting that it has tapped all efforts to serve humanity so that it became a role model in charity and humanitarian work in the world.

Al Ahmadani underscored the role played by the private sector in any developed economy on the human side through its social responsibility, which must be based on the principle of social partnership, which in many societies is required for mutual benefit or moral commitment.

The Qatari private sector, as a partner and a major contributor to the sustainable development process of Qatar, has played a major role in terms of social responsibility, she added.

She also praised the efforts made by all concerned authorities in the country, led by the Wise Leadership in laying down the rules and foundations for how the business sector and companies can contribute to the renaissance of Qatari society.

Source from: The Peninsula