Qatar Chamber reviews enhancing cooperation with Italy and India

Qatar Chamber’s Assistant Director-General for Government Relations and Committee Affairs, Ali Bu Sherbak Al Mansouri, held meetings yesterday with an Italian delegation representing SDA Center whose mandate is to promote Italian language and culture in the world.

The delegation was headed by SDA’s Vice-General Secretariat Dr. Andrea Vincenzoni in the presence of Deputy Head of Mission at the Italian embassy to Qatar Carlotta Colli.

The meeting touched on cooperation relations between Qatar and Italy and ways of enhancing them as well as the preparation for setting up an education center for learning Italian language in Qatar.

Attendees underlined the role of the center in bringing together Qatari and Italian companies which would lead to forging joint enterprises that serve both economies. Al Mansouri said that both countries’ economic and trade relations have significantly developed over the past few years, noting that Qatari investments in Italy have also seen remarkable growth.

He also noted that opening an Italian center in Qatar would deepen relations of their peoples. On his part, Dr. Andrea Vincenzoni said that establishing an Italian language center in Qatar stemmed out from the distinguished relations that linked both countries, noting that it would serve Qatari companies and strengthen communication between both sides’ companies. The Deputy Head of Mission at the Italian embassy to Qatar Carlotta Colli said that there are 2,500 Italian citizens living in Qatar.

Meanwhile, Al Mansouri met with the Commercial Representative at the Indian Embassy Surinder Bhgat and Senior Head of Promotion Vibrant Terry Towel Global Expo & Summit 2019 Anmol Modi.

The meeting discussed strengthening cooperation relations between both sides. The Indian delegation invited Qatari companies to participate in the expo which is scheduled 25-27 September 2019 in Solapur, India. This expo will showcase latest technologies in the sector for the products listed below to forge business partnerships worldwide.

It aims at providing an unique platform where manufacturers and buyers can interact directly with each other Providing knowledge of various types of towel and related product markets while establishing direct networking opportunities with domestic and international markets. It also encourages quality manufacturers to develop unique products that satisfy exports market.

It provides an opportunity to establish direct contact with actual manufacturers of towels and other bath linen products.

Qatar Chamber is interested to encourage businessmen to participate in trade and industrial exhibitions that help exchange expertise and help establish partnerships and commercials transactions, Al Munsouri added.

Source from: The Peninsula