Qatar Chamber: Public-Private Partnership plans gain momentum

The State of Qatar is committed to implementing all plans of public-private partnership (PPP), and the private sector is playing a vital role in accomplishing goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, said Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Towar (pictured), First Vice-Chairman of Qatar Chamber (QC), country’s largest private industry representative body, at an event yesterday.

Towar was speaking at a seminar entitled “Importance of Maximizing the Private Sector’s Role in Achieving Qatar’s Sustainable Economic Development” which is hosted by Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at College of Business and Economics at Qatar University.

The event was attended by Director of Development and Strategy at Ministry of Commerce and Industry Ali Al Khulaifi and Dean of College of Business and Economic Adam Fadlallah and a number of the university students.

Delivering a presentation during the seminar, Towar said that economic diversification requires the focus on developing industry as a strategic choice, noting that industry sector constitutes a competitive advantage to Qatar economy, especially energy-related industries.

In this context, Qatar Chamber is committed to coordinating with all concerned bodies to help create an investment climate appropriate for these industries. This climate, he noted, will be made through establishing industrial zones, providing necessary infrastructure as well as adopting legislatives that stimulate investor to do business in this sector.

Towar said also praised the Amir’s unwavering support for the private sector and the directives aiming to provide all incentives for the private sector and local industries, affirming that these measures contributed to increasing investments in industry sector.

QC First Vice-Chairman said that the private sector would continue its role in projects related to the 2022 World Cup, assuring that the pace of projects would continue beyond the tournament as more than 150 major projects would be set for delivery.

Towar also pointed out that the recently-issued law that regulates the investment of the non-Qatari capital in economic activity would not only attract more investments but also help in adapting modern technology.

He pointed to the private sector’s role in achieving the self-sufficiency in dairy products and other products with higher percentage.

He highlighted mechanisms of increasing the private sector’s contribution to the GDP including giving local products a special priority in all the State’s bodies, increasing the Qatari companies’ contribution in the mega projects being implemented in the country as well as streamlining finance procedures.

Last year, Qatar Chamber hosted 100 foreign trade delegations to help strengthen cooperation relations between the Qatari private sector and its counterparts from all world countries. It also organised business visits for Qatari companies to a number of friendly countries. These events ended with signing many alliances and partnerships and establishing joint projects inside and outside the country, he added.


Source from: The Peninsula