Public sector loans increase to QR286.5bn

Albayraq Center analysis of the figures showed that Public Sector loans rose to the level of QR 286.5bn, while its deposits fell to the level of QR 259.5bn, as follows:

Public Sector

After rising in September, Public Sector deposits returned to decline in October – by about QR 7bn to QR259.5bn. These deposits were distributed between QR 80.6bn for the government, QR154.4bn for the government institutions, and QR 24.6bn for Semi Gov Institution where the government share is 50 percent or more and less than 100 percent. On the other hand, the total public sector loans from local banks rose by about QR2bn to QR286.5bn distributed as follows:

• Government: QR116.5bn, down QR2.4bn from September.

• Government institutions: QR157bn, an increase of QR5.6bn.

• Semi Gov. Institutions: QR13bn, down QR1.2bn.

In addition, the balance of the government bonds and bills rose by QR0.4bn to QR163.6bn. Thus, the total credit of the local public sector (governmental, governmental and semi-governmental institutions), in addition to Bills, Bonds and sukuk, increased by about QR 2.4bn to the level of QR 450.1bn.

Private Sector

Total Private Sector Deposits with banks increased by the end of October by about QR0.2bn from the end of September to the level of QR 355.8bn. Total loans and credit facilities provided by banks to the local private sector rose by QR7.7bn to reach the level of QR628.3bn; including:

QR150.8bn for the Real estate Sector (down QR 1.5bn),

QR132.9bn for Consumer loans to Individuals (up QR 1.5bn),

QR151.7bn. For the Services sector (up QR4.7bn),

QR129.2bn for the Trade sector (up QR1.1bn), and

QR17.6bn for the Industrial sector (up QR0.6bn).

In addition, there were loans and facilities worth QR11.3bn for the non-banking financial sector (down QR2.7bn from September).

External Sector

On the asset side, Commercial Banks’ investment in securities outside Qatar stood at QR20bn. Its assets with banks outside Qatar declined by QR7.8bn to QR73.8bn. Local banks’ loans to third parties rose by about QR1bn to the level of QR77.2bn, Investments of local banks in foreign companies increased by about QR10.1bn to 39.4bn, and other assets abroad rose by about QR0.1bn to QR3.9bn, and thus the total Assets increased by QR3.2bn to QR214.3bn .

On the liabilities side, deposits of foreign banks with banks inside Qatar increased by QR1bn to QR247.6bn, while the indebtedness of local banks abroad in the form of bonds and certificates of deposit increased by about QR 3.2bn to the level of QR60.3bn. The balance of holders of foreign deposits with Qatari banks increased by QR1.6bn to QR198.8bn, and thus, the total liabilities increased by QR5.8bn to QR506.5bn.

By matching the Assets of the Banking Sector abroad with those of liabilities, the net Liabilities of the banking sector in Qatar to the outside world increased by the end of October by about QR2.6bn to the level of QR292.5bn.

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Source from: The Peninsula