Research is a fundamental component of MERatings business. It is through our extensive and thorough data gathering that we are able to build such an accurate and unbiased picture of Qatar’s business landscape.

Our research program is not restricted to local markets. We also keep a keen eye on key decisions in credit risk, international economies, financial markets and breaking news from around the world. We help our clients make calculated and prudent decisions by offering them the below research tools:

  • Sector Study Reports

    These reports provide in-depth analysis of industries based in Qatar and include all the essential, and very latest statistics and numbers. They assess the possible political and regulatory impact on the given sector, financial industry benchmarks, and much more.

  • Economic and Market Reports

    In these reports, you will find your complete reference for critical developments in Qatar’s economy and financial markets, including commentary on stock market trends, interest rates, updates on fiscal and monetary policies, key business parameters, and a wealth more of economic information.

  • International Reports

    These reports are an invaluable resource on international financial economies, geopolitical news impacting businesses