Credit Rating Services

We fully appreciate the unique opportunities and challenges of the Qatari financial sector. Our extensive understanding of the business climate has allowed us to develop our unique statistical financial model, which enables us to accurately predict the probability of default, and creditworthiness of enterprises in Qatar.

The foundation of this rigorous model is based on an unprecedented amount of local historical data and takes into consideration the many regional-specific industrial variables. Our proprietary credit rating model offers businesses the following benefits:

  • Capital

    A positive rating by MERatings will be a vital step in obtaining funding, either through debt or equity from financial institutions, lenders and investors at lower costs and quicker approval rates.

  • Credibility

    Through a thoroughly transparent, objective and reliable analysis of creditworthiness and probability of default.

  • Trustworthiness

    A positive rating from us will help bestow a genuine sense of reliability, trust, and allow you to further build confidence amongst stakeholders and business partners.

  • Prestige

    A rating from us can be utilized as an astute marketing tool. By including it on your social media platforms, website and any other promotional materials, it can help to expand your business and attract new opportunities.