Private sector proved its ability to overcome blockade: Dr Al Hajri

Qatar Chamber’s Board Member Dr Khaled Klefeekh Al Hajri said that Qatar has benefited from the siege thanks to the economic sound policies and rapid response to address the crisis, noting that the siege has contributed to accelerate development plans as well as promoted the public-private cooperation and activated industrial and agricultural development.

Speaking to a visiting delegation of journalists and bloggers from Balkan states Al Hajri elaborated on the steps taken by the country to overcome the blockade repercussions, how it transferred it into benefits, role of the private sector in the economic growth and role of the chamber during the siege.

He praised the role played by the private sector by finding new alternatives for goods that were imported from siege countries, noting that local companies doubled production to meet the market needs and a lot of factories and farms were established with a view to achieving the self-sufficiency.

He also pointed out that the siege had no impact on all projects related to the 2022 World Cup, affirming that all preparations for the tournament would be accomplished sufficiently in advance before the event.

Qatar has managed to build one of the most attractive investment environments worldwide through developing its legislative environment and issuing new laws that protect and promote local and foreign investments, he added.

Replying to a question on Qatari investments in Balkan States, Al Hajri said that Qatari businessmen and investors are interested to explore the investment opportunities available in these countries, assuring the importance of briefing them on these opportunities through organising visits of trade delegation to Qatar.

QC Board member also informed the delegation on the Chamber’s role during the siege and its key role aiming to protect the interests of the private sector and address all obstacles facing its sectors.

He eluded the governmental support to the private sector to promote its contribution in the economic development and its participation in the projects as well as in the GDP.

The delegation’s members affirmed that the objective of the visit is to identify the progress achieved by Qatar at all fields and efforts exerted to overcome the siege.

It also aims at opening new channels of cooperation that increase trade and economic cooperation between both sides, they noted.


Source from: The Peninsula