Hassad launches solar-powered irrigation technology

Hassad, Qatar’s premier investor in food sector announced yesterday the initiation of a new expansion phase for its fodder sector; five new pivots will be cultivated as part of this phase.

The company also launched the first solar-powered irrigation technology in the local fodder sector, with the aim to reach around 20,000 tonnes of fodder annually, to be produced over a land area of 10 million square metres (sqm).

Hassad launched this strategic project using state-of-the-art irrigation technology to support in satisfying the local market needs. This launch will open new areas for using renewable energy in agriculture.

Mohamed Al Mohannadi, Director of the Animal Feed Division at Hassad, said: “We studied the market needs from animal feed, then we developed a plan and currently we are in the implementation phase; which includes increasing the cultivated area using state-of-the-art solar-powered irrigation technologies to preserve the environment, and increase the quality and quantity of this strategic product”.

Hassad currently owns three farms (Irkkiyah, Sailiyah & A’Refa’) that spans over a land area of 10 million sqm. The company developed its sales points at Al-Wakhra, Central-Market, Shahaniya, Mazrou’a, Simisma and Irkkiyah, to ensure continuous supply of fodder products to meet the needs of livestock owners.

Source from: The Peninsula