Dell Technologies: A trusted partner for Qatar’s digital transformation

Dell Technologies is putting its muscle behind Qatar’s strategic digital transformation ambitions. While Qatar appears to be on the cusp of local innovation and digital transformation aiming the country’s long-term economic growth, Dell Technologies says it will be Qatar’s trusted partner in the country’s digital transformation journey.

Dell Technologies, the global leader in digital transformation, is currently engaged in a series of discussions with Qatari authorities to build and leverage the country’s capabilities.

In an exclusive interview to The Peninsula, Margaret Franco, Senior Vice President EMEA Marketing, Dell Technologies said that DellTechnologies is looking to further bolster its partnership with Qatar to develop the country as the fintech hub of the region and help support the country’s interests in digital currencies. Dell Technologies in Qatar will help its customers to understand emerging technologies to enable and realize digital transformation.

“The strategy of Dell Technologies is really about building the capability of our global customers, including Qatar. The value proposition that Dell Technologies is bringing to the table is a group of strategic businesses that is very focused on building innovation. We have invested about $12.8bn, globally in research and development”, she said.

Dell Technologies is very much focused on building Category Leadership and “in all Category that we serve across strategic businesses, we focus on leveraging global supply chain as well as leveraging leadership within those categories.We do that not because we want to have number one industry share in every category, but to leverage scale to the benefit of our customers,” Margaret said.

“Dell Technologies simplifies its engagements with the customers so that it can look to partner with the industry and can bring together solutions to the customers. We can do that exactly in Qatar as well.” To support Qatar’s growing ambitions in the digital transformation, Dell Technologies is looking to expand its talent pool in Qatar.

“We have been in Qatar for more than 10 years. With a 40-member team, we have end to end portfolio of Dell Technologies, helping our customers in Qatar deliver really successful projects, especially in the intelligence and defense sector “, Dell Technologies Qatar Country Manager Ghassan Kosta said.

“Dell Technologies is having a lot of interactions with the banking sector related to banking transformation, on the digital currency and on the block chain. This is where we are trying and helping our customers in Qatar and looking to partner with Qatar’s transformation journey. We are also working with our clients here to empower them to face their challenges in the run up to the big ticket 2022 FIFA event.”

The need to digitally transform has become a critical requirement for regional organisations of all types and sizes. Therefore, in order to be digital-ready, every organisation needs to embrace transformation in four key areas – Digital, IT, Security and Workforce.

Dell Technologies knows very well what digital transformation means to Qatarand the challenges thecountry tries to address, especially in the run up to Qatar 2022 and realizing its ambitious National Visions 2030. Dell Technologies Qatar Office is well positioned to share this transformation vision and can support our customers in this journey.

According to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index (the DT Index) 90 percent heads of business from some countries in the region believe that their organisation will struggle to meet the changing customer demands within just five years and only 4 percent of businesses in these countries can be categorised as digital leaders.

Dell Technologies can help the country in the adoption of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and Augmented Reality (AR) to inspire the next generation of workforce and help organizations to redefine, design and build digital future for tomorrow.

Source from: The Peninsula