Bitumode Qatar makes great strides in self-sufficiency drive

Bitumode Qatar, the lone factory that manufactures bitumen waterproof membrane and other products in the country, has made remarkable stride and contribution to Qatar’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in terms of producing key materials and products.

Within a short period of nearly seven years, the Company has acquired over 70 percent of the local market share in terms of supplying bitumen waterproof membrane that finds extensive use in Qatar’s booming construction sector, according to a senior official of the company.

Bitumode Qatar, a 100 percent local company, is the only producer and supplier of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane made up from the highest quality materials keeping commercial or residential structure protected years-round.

“We established first factory in Qatar to manufacture bitumen waterproof membrane some seven years ago. We have currently acquired nearly 70 to 75 percent of the local market share. We produce bituminous waterproofing membrane rolls that have wide applications in the construction sector. The product is mainly used in foundation of any infrastructure to isolate it. But it has other applications such as in swimming pools etc,” Ala Mashal, General Manager of Bitumode Qatar, told The Peninsula recently.

Mashal added: “We are a dynamic company fully equipped with an automatic production line with a capacity exceeding 20 million square metres per year dedicated to provide our clients services of the best quality standards regardless of the size of the project.” He said that factory manufactures the product by using the latest technology of Italian line. The products are ISO certified, and approved by state-owned agencies such as Ashghal (Public Works Authority), Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation) and most of the leading consultants operating in Qatar.

Bitumode Qatar, according to Mashal, has supplied its products to all the major projects, including the new stadiums constructed, or being developed for the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 and Doha Metro such as Redline, Green Line and Gold Line, and many other projects of Ashghal.

The company also manufactures APP membrane for roofing, SBS membrane used in the foundation, and self-adhesive membrane along with protection board, with the thickness of varying sizes. The product has wide application in the country due to geographical reasons. Qatar, being a peninsula with huge coastline, the water table is very high. As a result, contractors are required to isolate the foundations of buildings and other infrastructure to avoid seepage of water to the constructed area. In addition, the product also protects the foundation from saline water which may cause corrosion of steel bars and adversely impact the life expectancy of a structure.

Mashal said that Qatari market size for the product is nearly 18 million sqm/year, and the company is also looking forward to ramp-up production and export the surplus output to overseas markets in the future.

Source from: The Peninsula