Best Cities for European Expats as Global Tensions Rise

The best cities in the world for Europeans are in Europe.

As tensions rise around the world, cities in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia topped the 2023 list of the most livable cities for Europeans by ECA International, a global workforce consultancy.

Bern, Switzerland; Eindhoven, Netherlands; and Stavanger, Norway, were the top three cities. Meanwhile, Hong Kong (110th), Kyiv (218th) and Moscow (189th) fell in the rankings, as geopolitics and war have worsened residents’ quality of life there.

Best Cities for European Expats

Source: ECA International

The study, which examined 500 cities across the globe, took into account health services, housing, access to recreational facilities and other factors, including air pollution, personal safety and social and political tensions.

The ranking of some popular destinations in Europe — including Dublin (11th) and Copenhagen (5th) — took a hit from limited housing. Elsewhere, London ranked as the 37th best place and Edinburgh came in as the highest UK-ranked city at 17th.

Source from: Bloomberg